Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.

"The blockages in your unconscious mind
keep you from being free--
as surely as if your hands were tied with ropes."
Janet Cunningham is an internationally-known and board-certified specialist in regression therapy, trainer, transpersonal counselor, seminar leader, and author of over 14 books and CDs. She is president of the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT), a member of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh), and on the Board of the Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR Global) in India. She has conducted training sessions and workshops throughout the world and led tours to spiritual sites, including Egypt, China, Thailand, Turkey, and India.  

See "Fun Photos" of recent keynote address at the ARRR Global Conference in Delhi, India in 2016.

Dr. Cunningham is owner of Breakthroughs to the Unconscious®, a private practice over the years in upstate New York and also in Maryland. Now semi-retired, she has recently moved from Maryland to Tennessee
Janet is past-president of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (formerly the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy).

In addition to other published articles, she has documented the ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs as a model for consciousness. Her work in regression therapy, weight loss, and ancient Egyptian energy bodies has been included in the writings of over 14 other authors.

Janet is founder and president of Heritage Authors™, a family-owned business that encourages people to "tell their stories." Visit www.HeritageAuthors.com.  Some people tell their stories through DVD or books to hand down to their children, grandchildren, and friends.
Others tell their stories for a wider world audience. For more information, go to:
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Dr. Janet Cunningham and Dr. Brian Weiss: