Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.
Journey to The Interlife:
Recall the Planning Stage Before Your Birth
An Audio CD

Discover your soul's plan for this incarnation.  Have you ever wondered if you made a plan before this lifetime? Have you wished you could remember?

Whether you view this experience as memory or metaphor, your unconscious mind can reveal insights and clarity to assist you with deeper understanding about this incarnation.

Experience your decisions, desires, and intentions before birth. Dr. Janet Cunningham discusses the stage between lives and guides you through an exploration of your planning stage before this lifetime.

Track One: Introduction and discussion
Track Two:  Experiential meditation                                      $19.95

Weight Loss Breakthroughs
with your Inner Selves
A Workshop on 2 Audio CDs

For over 40 years, Janet has been engrossed in researching different levels of consciousness. Her work and experiences have formed a framework for the unique techniques and skills that she uses in regression therapy and counseling. She specializes in breaking through blockages in the inner mind. Her intuitive abilities, guidance, and skills as a regression therapist, counselor, and seminar leader empower her clients to personal growth and freedom.

This 2-set Audio CD Workshop includes:
Your Emotional Self
Your Mental Self
Your Spiritual Self...which all manifest in
Your Physical Self                                                                           $25.00

Journey of your Soul: A Guided Meditation 
through Paradigm Shifts
An Audio CD

Seven Journeys - One Goal. Connecting with the ancestral memories and genealogy contained within the fabric of your DNA.

Janet guides you through 7 brief meditations of paradigm shifts in history to help you discover and awaken the energies that you carry in your DNA. Become aware of the exciting time periods of enormous change that are occurring now on the planet.

Your Spiritual DNA resides in your quantum field. It is the antenna ofyour body, responding to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual Being.

Track 1 - Introduction/Instructions                                         
Tracks 2-8 Paradigm Shifts                                                 $14.99
Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.
Listen to a rare interview of Janet Cunningham by Dr. Joseph Mancini on VoiceAmerica.com entitled Explorations in Consciousness with Past Life Regression for Intact Groups.