Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.
Inner Selves: The Feminine* Path to Weight Loss
*for men and women who value their intuitive nature

A pioneering and truly comprehensive book abut weight. This is a multi-level, holistic work that explores the hidden patterns and unconscious motivations that control weight.
The Upward Spiral:
Breakthroughs to Joy
A Fictional Novel

A fun read filled with valuable information and insight into relationships, weight management, and our feminine-intuitive nature. The Upward Spiral tells the story of 3 women as they go through life experiences and discover more about themselves and how to create more joy in their lives.
$18.99 in soft cover 
or $9.99 on Kindle through Amazon.com

A Tribe Returned

The amazing story of a group reincarnation experience. The incredilble personal and professional story of Janet Cunningham and over 25 people who have memories of being together in a Native American tribe. Unknowingly, she gathered the tribe together in this life and assisted in releasing the traumatic stored memories of a devastating massacre.

Published in hardback with color illustrations by Orazio Salati
Weight Solutions:
The New Body-Mind-Spirit Approach
with Judith Valentine, Ph.D.

A workbook that works!  At long last--A plan for the 21st Century.  A 200-page, spiral-bound workbook which presents an all-inclusive weight loss and long-term weight management program with the most current information available.