Janet Cunningham, Ph.D.

Levels of Consciousness

One's subtle energies or subtle bodies form a field of energy, in the most simplistic terms referred to as the:

which all manifest in and extend beyond the physical body. (This is not the same as the aura; the aura is a limited portion of the energy field of a human or other living organism).

The unconscious mind is this subtle energy of consciousness and reaches our conscious mind and awareness through:

Where Freud saw the unconscious as a place of darkness, filled with repressed and shameful secret thoughts and desires, usually sexual, Jung saw the unconscious as a place that could lead us to the spiritual. 

My work in multidimensional levels of consciousness opens one to exciting information and guidance stored in the unconscious, as well as limited and/or negative experiences, programming and beliefs which hold us back from more fully living our potential. Many speakers and authors today refer to the power of the mind, but fail to address or understand the vulnerability of the mind. Issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional pain, obesity and other addictions and blockages to success are often locked in one's unconscious mind. Techniques of rgression therapy (taking a person back to the root cause of an issue), working with the unconscious mind through symbols and images, creative problem solving, tapping one's inner wisdom, metaphor--all can give awareness about one's wholeness and holographic being.

We are on the brink of taking a collective step in the evolution of consciousness, recognizing that we live in a multidimensional reality--some refer to it as a holographic universe--and that there is more to reality than what our limited physical senses indicate. We have the ability to expand our minds to reach higher levels of wisdom and communication. More people are recognizing the need to find their answers within--and that involves an inner journey, a willingness to make the unconsciousness conscious. It takes courage and time; this is not a quick fix. 

Such exploration might involve recalling childhood or soul memories to release patterns that hold us back from living more of our potential. It might involve working with the unconscious in creative problem solving techniques. It could involve symbols and images from the unconscious, in altered state or dreams. It involves healing the more subtle emotional, mental, and spiritual energies that manifest in the physical body and our physical lives. It involves moving on one's spiritual path, in whatever way a person views that to be.