Janet Cunningham,Ph.D.
Weight Loss and Weight Management

I have worked for over 40 years in the field of weight loss and obesity counseling. My books on this subject emphasize the necessity of releasing negative and/or limiting programming and decisions in the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of consciousness.
We have been focused in the wrong direction: So-called experts continue to emphasize externals (diet change, exercise, behavior) and avoid internal factors (thoughts, beliefs, mind patterning and emotion). Clearly we have not addressed the mind's ability to hold unconscious reasons to keep excess body fat. Nor have we begun to consider the spirit or energy-essence of the individual. "Experts" continue to study the effect instead of the cause. Good nutrition and exercise, are, of course, necessary for a healthy, normal-weight body. And yet, there are millions of obese and/or overweight people who cannot--cannot lose weight and keep it off.
It is important to be reminded that each of us is an individual; it is that acknowledgment of our individuality that is lacking in the preplanned diet programs that are prescribed in mass today. I constantly encourage you to learn to listen to yourself; it is in this way that you begin to get in touch with that lost or buried part of you--a part that you may have concealed in excess body fat. How have you done that?

In other words...by losing touch with who you are. You are your own expert and all of your answers lie within you!

Dr. Cunningham offers a Workshop on 2 CDs. Listening to her voice and doing the meditative exercises can assist you to find the "root cause" of some of your blockages related to losing weight and keeping it off.

Also, view her book, co-authored with Judith Valentine, Ph.D., Weight Solutions: The New Body-Mind-Spirit Approach.  Follow Dr. Valentine's detailed diet plan for successful weight loss and maintenance.

Inner Selves: The Feminine* Path to Weight Loss (*for men and women who value their intuitive nature) is the pioneering book in the field, incorporating information as to how one's emotional, mental, and spiritual "selves" manifest in the physical body.